Heather reveals some of her sketchbook studies and stitch techniques.


^ Covered notebooks for all things special. Dyed paper. Machine stitched with muslin backing. Oddments of fabric and thread with netting over to act as a base for leaves, wired and padded with felt. Found objects adhered with net and stretched stocking, embellished with hand stitch and glued to notebook.



^ Soft Conversation Jewellery. Bound and knotted wool and fabric with a variety of embellished beads and ribbons.



^ His and hers Mermaid deck chairs - Full size working drawings. From small preliminary sketches to full size drawings, transferred onto fabric using carbon paper.  Line is machine stitched and then tacked to inner padding. Finished with machine and hand stitch.



^ Course work from a day release programme tutored by Julia Caparar at the London City Lit 1991-92. Studies here are taken from individual textiles crafted in India, the beautiful and skilful hand stitched appliqué copied and coloured to size in class, followed by designs and experiments using different media based upon the preliminary studies.




^ Designs and experiments using different media based upon the preliminary studies of textiles crafted in India.





^ Sketch for garments designed and created using some of the Indian techniques.




^ Garments designed and created using some of the Indian techniques.




^ Studies from costumes in elizabethan paintings found in the National Gallery.




^ Dyed paper over fabric then machine stitched.




^ First test example of Reverse Appliqué. Produced while on a day course with Maddi Nicholson at The City Lit.




^ What's your's my princess' 230 x 200 cm.The finished piece using the Reverse Appliqué technique. Layered fabric, machine stitched then cut to reveal the colours, needs sharp edges. Note - can be a wasteful use of fabric.




^ 'What's your's my princess' - Detail 




^ 'What's your's my princess' - Detail 




^ Venice. Drawn studies.




^ Venice. Stitched study.





^ A 20 minute piece in response to one of Julia Caprara's poems. Painted after.





^ Line sketch and notes on a method for binding thread over card to create a landscape effect, needs careful numbering of the sections, can be a bit of a jigsaw to put together and tricky at the edges!




^ Mixed media - Cut and broken slate with hand stitched sections mounted on wood.




^ Mixed media. A piece of copper melted and cut using an oxyacetylene torch, machine stitched onto water-soluble fabric, washed then embellished with hand stitched beads and other found objects.




^ The Three R's - Education Eroding. Stitched to represent metal exploding. Dyed blanket stitched around the edges then sandwiched between the three metal R's then bolted together.




^ The Three R's - Detail of depth.




^ Heather's stitch pieces can be vacuumed with a soft brush when necessary and the wired leaves rearranged. Pieces must be hung away from direct sunlight and look best with lighting from one side to enhance the textures and colours.